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Our Story

Launched in 2015, Scope Personnel was created as an alternative to the stuffy nature of traditional recruitment.

We didn’t want to become a faceless organisation playing a high-intensity numbers game, where employees have to dress up to the nines just to work there. So we applied our own values.

Starting out with just two directors and two employees, we removed the staples of traditional recruitment and fashioned a new approach. Focusing on sustainable growth and creating relationships before sales, we built a foothold within the automotive industry – a niche that allowed our credibility to grow without overstretching ourselves.

A now sizeable team based in Liverpool, plus a large presence in New York City, Scope Personnel have consultants working across the data science and legal sectors as well. All of them are equipped with genuine experience in the industry they’re placing candidates in.

Our Approach

We’re passionate without being pushy, and tired of derailing relationships because of the demand for hitting unreachable targets. That’s why we put integrity above all else. Our consultants only place candidates based on what we believe is right for our clients, not necessarily aligning with what they believe they need.

As a result of our collective experience, Scope Personnel consultants are able to stay tuned in to all industry conversations. Not only do we know who’s hiring, but what they’re hiring for – giving a clear picture of market direction. It’s this that guides our decision-making process.

We’re understanding and will adapt our approach to your needs. So why not discuss those needs with us today? We’re always looking to create industry contenders.

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